Our work in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world, with 74% of people in rural areas living in poverty. A long civil conflict and devastating Ebola outbreak caused widespread deprivation and vulnerability. We have been working with communities in Sierra Leone for over 25 years to empower local people to take ownership of their own development, develop new skills and create lasting solutions to the challenges that they face.

Women selling baked bread

Livelihoods and Food Security in Sierra Leone

With our local partner MAPCO, we are working with 15 rural communities in Moyamba District to create locally-owned solutions to poverty. We help vulnerable people in these communities to earn a living through access to skills training and support to set up their own small businesses. By the end of the first year of the project (2019), 6,000 people had already increased their incomes by at least 50%.

Empowering Women in Kenema, Sierra Leone

With our partner CARD we are helping 3,500 young women and girls to access functional literacy skills so they can access information, understand their legal rights and negotiate for themselves. They will be assisted in setting up small businesses of their own – in soap making, selling snacks, tailoring, trading or agriculture – raising their self-esteem, independence and status in society.

Woman in colourful dress and headwear

Empowering Local Communities in Pujehun, Sierra Leone

With MAPCO, we are working with 19 rural communities across Pujehun district to tackle poverty through access to sustainable economic support services, using our tried and tested community-based organisation (CBO) support model. Services include revolving loan schemes, seed banks, literacy training and vocational training for young people with local artisans.

Livelihoods for Young People in Sierra Leone

We worked with our partner CARD to give 1,200 vulnerable young women and men in Bo and Kenema districts access to decent work opportunities through skills and business management training. We also supported young people to develop life skills and confidence, through training in literacy skills, HIV/AIDS awareness and gender and human rights.

Sustainable Livelihoods for Disadvantaged Communities, Sierra Leone

This project supported 12,000 people in 12 of the poorest rural communities in Sierra Leone to improve their wellbeing and access to opportunities. This included business management training, small loans and improved water and sanitation facilities, using our proven community-based support model with local partner MAPCO.