Changing lives with camel milk

Since 2014 we have been supporting vulnerable families in Kenya to boost their incomes and beat malnutrition through sustainable camel milk production.


Did you know?

Camel milk is highly nutritious and for people living in drought-prone areas, it can provide up to 50% of nutritional intake during times of drought.

Demand for camel milk is growing in Kenya, but vulnerable families lack the skills and resources to produce and sell camel milk effectively and hygienically.

There is huge opportunity to develop sustainable camel milk businesses to support vulnerable people to build resilient livelihoods and meet their nutritional needs.

Our impact to date

  • Greater food and income security for 38,000 households
  • Improved nutrition for over 10,000 children under the age of 5
  • An average 6-8 fold increase in incomes for milk traders and camel owners
  • Increased skills, incomes and voice for women at home and in their communities

Expanding our impact

We have exciting plans to expand this work to new camel grazing routes in Garissa and Wajir counties, to enable more families to benefit from opportunities in the camel milk sector. This will support people to increase their incomes, food security and resilience to drought.

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