The SITE Logo--a rising sun on a blue sky, with green leaves wrapped around it. Underneath, it says 'SITE Enterprise Promotion'

Partner Organisation


About SITE

SITE partner with Action on Poverty to deliver the highly successful Camili project, now into its third phase. Camel milk provides a lifeline for communities in the arid and semi-arid lands of Kenya’s northern regions and, with Action on Poverty, SITE have been making it easier for camel herders to access health provisions and water points, alongside setting up community microfinance for women trading camel milk in markets. You can read more about the effect of camel milk support on women here.

SITE describe their values as ‘solidarity, honesty, accountability, transparency, partnerships with others, equality and dignity for all, respect for clients’ opinions, responsibility,’ which guide how they work with others through voluntary and self-selection/organization, respect for human dignity & human life, economic participation and equity, value-for money applied SITE’s projects.’

In their words, they value their partnership with Action on Poverty because it is built upon ‘mutual respect in all aspects, institutional strengthening, equal partnership and commitment to the long-term.’ It is for the same reasons that Action on Poverty value their partnership with SITE.