Posted on 23 Aug 21 in Covid-19 Tanzania

It’s no secret that the past year and a half has been a challenging time for many organisations in the international development sector. Towards the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, international development network Bond warned that 2 in 5 NGOs were concerned that their doors may have to close within six months without additional funding.

The possibility that projects may close early and incomplete can be a huge source of stress, and the responsibility of meeting and delivering on commitments made to partners and the people we work with cannot be set aside lightly.

Instead, organisations are innovating creative solutions that meet the best interests of NGOs, partners, funders and people in communities.

Some organisations have seen success with mergers; Action on Poverty decided that the acquisition of one of African Initiatives’ projects was the best way to maximise the value brought by APT and the Tanzanian partner organisation Tusonge, ensuring that the project could complete its full cycle and this important work to empower people with disabilities to claim their rights and earn an income of their own could continue.

Our CEO Alex has produced the report below to share the steps we took to make the project acquisition as successful as possible.