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Are you ready to make a meaningful impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in poverty?

We are seeking three passionate individuals to serve as trustees and contribute their skills and expertise to our cause.

Your Responsibilities as Trustee

You will play a crucial role in providing strategic leadership, oversight, and serving as a valuable sounding board for our small but successful team based in the UK. We are committed to fostering diversity and welcome individuals from various perspectives, with a particular interest in those from East and West Africa, where our impactful work is focused. Also, you will attend Trustees’ Meetings three to four times a year (conducted via Zoom) and provide assistance with ad-hoc issues related to your specific skill area in between meetings.


If you are passionate about tackling poverty or advocating for the rights of women, young people, or people with disabilities, we invite you to review the attached information.

When you are ready to apply, applications can be emailed to

Closing Date for applications: Sunday 10th  March 2024 .All interviews will be held via Zoom.

We look forward to working with you!