Posted on 30 Nov 21 in Sierra Leone Supporters

You can join forces with Women Changemakers in Sierra Leone to help them stop poverty in their communities through vegetable farming and soap-making businesses with DOUBLE THE IMPACT by donating before Tuesday 7th December.

The women we will work with will be part of 48% of women in Sierra Leone who live on less than £1.40 per day. As women, they face barriers and discrimination that can prevent them from earning their own income. As women, they are also uniquely placed to be powerful changemakers.

Most of them are responsible for taking care of the household and providing food for their children, and when they have an income of their own, often their families see improvements in nutrition, health, and children attending school and completing their education.

Starting today on Tuesday 30th November 12pm until Tuesday 7th December 12pm, all donations made directly to our Big Give campaign to fund this project will be DOUBLED by kind match funders, so every £1 donated becomes £2 for women in poverty in Sierra Leone.

But, there’s a catch – donations will ONLY be doubled when made online through our Big Give page!

It’s as simple as 1 2 3

1. Go to our Big Give page: 

2. Click ‘Donate’, select how much you would like to give towards women overcoming poverty in Sierra Leone and fill out your details. You can pay with your debit card, credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, just like when you’re shopping online.

3. Don’t forget to tick that you’d like to hear from us again if you’d like updates on what your donation achieves next year.

Your support can take a woman like Iye out of poverty and enable her to provide food for her family and community.

This is Iye. She’s one of 86% of people living in our targeted rural areas in Sierra Leone who live in extreme poverty.

The vast majority lack enough food to eat each day and COVID-19 restrictions have worsened this food crisis. Women like Iye feel the effects of these burdens most sharply as they are often responsible for getting food and water for the family and keeping them healthy.

Your support during our Big Give appeal will enable women like Iye to lead the way in growing and selling nutritious food to stop hunger and malnutrition in their communities.

Your donations between 30th November and 7th December will:

During the Big Give week, our target is to raise £19,000 so that we can achieve these feats hand in hand with our supporters and women in Sierra Leone.

Every £1 you give will become £2 for Women Changemakers

Donate £8.50 = £17
which could fund a soap-making workshop and supplies for a woman to start a soap business, improving hygiene and protecting health in their community.
Donate £25 = £50
which could educate a woman in literacy and numeracy so that she can sign her own name, manage her own money and help her children with schoolwork.
Donate £134 = £268
which could set up a seedbank hut with tools and seeds so that women can grow climate-smart crops to feed their families and sell the excess.