Fundraising Manager


About Gladys

Gladys joined APT in September 2023, bringing with her a passion for community projects that took root in her native Ecuador. Engaging with indigenous Andean communities and volunteering as a communication assistant in Quito’s HIV support organisation, Gladys developed profound empathy for minorities and a love for travel. She dedicated five impactful years to immigration advisory work in Curacao, collaborating with human rights NGOs like Amnesty International and focusing on assisting immigrants and refugees from Haiti, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic.

In 2008, Gladys relocated to London, transitioning from Pearson to the NGO sector as an NSC fundraiser. Thriving on connecting people with APT’s purpose, she enjoys catalysing change. Gladys is passionate about sustainable development, social justice, and equality, and she is committed to not only maintaining but also expanding APT’s resources. Her goal is to extend its reach to even more communities and projects in Africa, fostering positive change on a broader scale.