Project information

Start date: 1 January 2013

End date: 31 December 2015

Location: Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania

The challenge

Women in Tanzania are more likely to experience poverty than men, with an estimated 60 per cent of women living in poverty (2012). Traditional practices deny women access to the information, opportunities and resources that would support them to escape poverty.

Our project

This project, in partnership with KWIECO, empowered marginalised rural women to obtain increased, secure and sustainable incomes; and enhanced women’s confidence to stand up for their rights. This was achieved through business management training, apprenticeships, skills training and village saving schemes, which supported women to develop small enterprises in shops, kiosks, vegetable production and livestock keeping. Increased understanding among women of their rights, together with access to legal services and peer support groups, reduced the vulnerability of the women and empowered them to participate in social, political and economic activities.

In Tanzania, the project donor (UN Gender Monitoring team) concluded that this project was one of the best of their 19 projects across Africa. They greatly valued our approach and input to the local partner organisation.