About Fergal

Fergal Keane is Africa Editor at the BBC. He is a multi-award-winning journalist and writer, best known for his work as a foreign correspondent having covered major world events over the past 30 years, including the first multi-racial elections in South Africa at the end of the apartheid, the Rwanda genocide, and the return of Hong Kong to China.

“In times of conflict, such as the war in Iraq and the mass slaughter in the Congo, we are all aware of the pressing need for humanitarian assistance. At other times media attention is focused on disastrous famines. But as the different crises fall off the front pages of our newspapers, there is a real need for longer term support to help people to rebuild their lives, and their communities, to become more self-reliant and reduce the risk of further crises. This is why I support the work of Action on Poverty and its partners overseas.”