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Our achievements

APT is about having impact on people’s lives.


Please see here for an update on our achievements 2015-16.



We are currently helping:

          • over 83,500 beneficiaries to obtain sustainable livelihoods and/or increase their incomes – so that they have enough food, medicines, education for themselves and their children and a life with more respect and dignity.
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For Example:

Over 8000 women in Kenya and Tanzania who were destitute, often with AIDs.  Some had their land taken from them by relatives who regarded them as good as dead. Now they have their own back gardens, enough food to eat, support from friends and neighbours. Some have progressed to having their own small businesses so their children can go to school.

There are people traumatised by conflict – men, women and children.  Some had their arms or noses amputated.  Other boys and girls – now young men and women – were kidnapped by rebels.  Now they have had help with counselling and the skills to earn a living.  APT is helping      over 3,600 young people who had their lives destroyed. 

There are families who have had nothing but welfare – critical emergency aid – during a terrifying crisis.   When the crisis is over some do not have the land, resources or new skills for independent living.  APT has helped  24,000 people move on, to have lives with dignity and the long security of generating their own livelihood.

  • at least 180,000 more indirectly  – through being better informed or empowered or dependants of those above.

To extend our impact, and build for the future, we are helping:

  • more than 200 small producer groups or community organisations to become more effective and help their members better
  • and influencing 690 institutions to make more informed and effective decisions in the interest of vulnerable people – a wide range of government policy makers, vocational training centres, schools, co-ordinating organisations and many others
  • and 10 locally based partner organisations to develop as institutions for their regional or country development

So we’re helping over 260,000 vulnerable people and 900 organisations to secure future benefits.

This is from a small office.  Every £ donated helps us reach more.

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