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Sharing information

An important area of our work is to share learning and exchange information between organisations:

  • Technical Matters
  • Exchange visits between partners in different countries to share particular knowledge and expertise.
  • National workshops with organisations in similar or related fields.
  • Some of the partners with whom we have been working for a long time help in mentoring new or less experienced partners.
  • Peer evaluations – staff members from one partner evaluate another partner’s project.
  • Specific information sheets
  • Newsletters for partners

Visual Materials:

Improving Livelihoods – From Despair to Hope – Uganda: VEDCO, Heifer International and Comic Relief – July 2014’.


We also have a variety of documents available:

Life After MAPCO/Action on Poverty: A sustainability review of projects supporting 64 CBOs in Sierra Leone – Rose Acock and Francis Lavally, April 2019

Reaching Disabled People in Sri Lanka: Final Evaluation – Jan Knight and Henry De Mel, August 2016

Decent Work in the informal sector  Alex Daniels June 2016

Building livelihoods and adapting to climate change in a post conflict setting:  Sharon Truelove, May 2014

Addressing community conflict in recent projects:  Jamie Stone and Christopher Capper, January 2014

How to implement a community based support model:  APT/MAPCO, October 2013

Women fight inequality and destitution in Tanzania, KWIECO – Report of the Final Evaluation: Sue Coe and Rida Mkwizu, May 2012

‘Use to Own’ (UTOP) for Sustainable Livelihoods – A practical ‘how to’ guide in 8 steps: Adrian Marshall, Anusha Ratnayake and Sharon Truelove, January 2012

Including Enterprise Development in HIV/AIDS Interventions – A Community Worker’s Manual based upon experiences of The Rural Education and Economic Enhancement Programme (REEP) – 2011

Integrating approaches to enabling the most vulnerable to participate in markets: Alex Daniels and Andy Jeans in Small Enterprise and Microfinance Journal Vol 20 No 2 June 2009

Facilitating small producers’ access of high-value markets:  Jonathan Dawson in Small Enterprise Journal Vol 14 No 2 June 2003

Lessons learned and implications for alleviating poverty of the most poor and vulnerable: (from experience in post-Tsunami Sri Lanka on support to medium scale enterprises): Andy Jeans and Adrian Marshall, October 2010

Smart Subsidies in Market Facilitation with a Focus on Agricultural Knowledge and Information Systems (AKIS):  Lucho Osorio, Andy Jeans, Ben Fowler, SEEP network, Feb 2010

Building the Capacity of People with Disability in Northern Uganda to Access their Livelihoods –E-Handbook for Disability Advocates and Practitioners– Chintha Munasinghe 2008

Andy Jeans – Keynote speaker for national and international workshops in Sri Lanka:

Through our collaboration with Bath University’s MSc Programme on International Development, two of their students undertook assignments in 2007 that were comparative studies drawing upon APT’s project experience:

How to Implement a Community Based Support Model: A Practical Guide, Jan 2014


External Evaluations are also available, such as:

The Food & Income Livelihood Security for PLWHA in Kenya (LIFE 3) Project: Engorok Obin & Martin Long – February 2016

Integrated Community Livelihood Support and Care Systems Project, Amuria, Uganda: Christopher Kyeswa & Martin Long – October 2015

Life after War – Children & Young People in Sri Lanka: Henry de Mel & Priyantha Calder – August 2015

Rights & Better Livelihoods for Women & Girl Domestic Workers in Uganda: Zahara Nampewo – March 2015

Enabling Participation: Business development as a tool to promote disabled people’s rights in Sri Lanka: Lorraine Wapling and P.G.Amarapala, October 2010

Rebuilding lives through employment in Sri Lanka: External Evaluation to study lessons learned and focussing on employment created through linkages.  Alan Brewis, June 2010.

Enterprising and Sustainable Rural Communities in Sierra Leone. Sharon Truelove, October 2009

Empowerment and Income for HIV-AIDS affected people, Kenya: Chintha Munasinghe, Vivian Brindon,  Marion Mbabazi June 2008

Listen to a song entitled Mbui ya Mgamba by the Positive Melodies – a choir from Kenya whose members are all HIV positive

Reducing Vulnerability of Communities Living on Fragile Lands in Kenya. Jan Knight, May 2008

Cost effective and sustainable model for marketing BDS complementarily to micro-finance, Sri Lanka: Mike Albu, Nov 2006

Improving BDS with Disabled People in Northern Uganda. Mike Albu July 2004


APT Info sheets:

‘How To’ Manuals:

How to build livelihoods with domestic workers

How to implement a community based support model – a practical guide – January 2014

Disability Inclusion Manuals: 

A Guide to Building the Capacity of Disabled People to Enhance Their Livelihoods (visual aided)

How to Build the Capacity of Disabled People to Enhance Their Livelihoods (visual and interactive aided manual – presentation style)

A Guide to Building the Capacity of Disabled People to enhance their Livelihoods (comprehensive detailed manual)


Project summaries and major donors

2013 – 2014

Life After War – Children and Young People, Sri Lanka                                      Major Donor – Comic Relief

Food and livelihoods for People Living with HIV/AIDS In Kenya                                   Major Donors – Big Lottery Fund, GPAF (DFID)

Rights and Better Livelihoods for Women and Girl Domestic Workers in Uganda Major Donor –Comic Relief

Reaching Disabled People in Sri Lanka                                                               Major Donor – Big Lottery Fund



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