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How we make it happen

Practical Help
APT provides practical help to large numbers of beneficiaries, empowering them to move from welfare…or nothing… to helping themselves.

Our work is diverse, reaching the most vulnerable in difficult situations; but always including APT’s core function of helping people to obtain a livelihood.  This means that families can afford the food, education, shelter and healthcare they need – before they tackle discrimination and inequality for long term changes to their situation.

Catalysing change
APT acts as a ‘mighty atom’, catalysing change and transforming lives beyond the immediate beneficiaries.  We do this by breaking down stigma, myths and influencing others.  We use solutions which are innovative, and appropriate to different contexts.

We strengthen organisations which can carry the impact into the long term – community based organisations, trade associations, government authorities and those in the private sector. We help them to provide services which reach vulnerable people more fairly and effectively.

APT’s strategy
You can read our 2016-2018 strategy document here.

You can also read about examples of our values in action here.

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