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Action on Poverty welcomes support from companies and organisations who wish to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility through commitment to helping the poorest and most vulnerable people. Your company or organisation can play an important part in helping us to develop projects to improve lives.

We must continue to help women like Catherine who was widowed in the conflict in Sierra Leone and was desperately trying to provide for her 5 children, elderly mother and 2 of her dead brother’s children. There was so little to eat, the family were barely able to have one sparse meal a day. What money Catherine could raise she did through cooking snacks to sell to passers by.  All 7 children of the children were helping as there was no money to send them to school.

When Catherine had the chance to join our project, she was helped to develop self confidence and learnt skills to build up her catering business. Nowadays, not only is she selling snacks, but she bought larger pots and expanded her business to cook and sell midday and evening meals to increase her income, enabling the family to enjoy nourishing meals and the children to attend school.

Participants in the 2015 Bikram Yoga challenge


Catherine with her family

£1,000 could help as many as 20 widows like Catherine (pictured far right) to provide medicine, food and education for their children

Action on Poverty is seeking funds for projects in many different areas of Africa and South Asia. Our aim is to develop our work to help more people. For instance we want to develop a ‘Waste Pickers’ project in Kampala, Uganda, helping people living off the rubbish of others by re-cycling.

If you raise just £1,000 for APT, your donation could help us to develop a project that will catalyse the impact on thousands more people, giving them the chance of a future.

Your company can help us in many ways through:

  • Sponsorship (Work in partnership with us to develop a sponsorship ‘package’   suited to your company’s requirements).
  • Choosing Action on Poverty as your Company’s ‘Charity of the Year’
  • Organising an event like the Bikram Yoga challenge which raised £6,000 helping over 100 people access a sustainable livelihood
  • Providing a company gift
  • Working together on a joint marketing initiative
  • Asking your staff to make regular donations through Payroll Giving

Funds raised through support from companies will assist us to further our aims and we will be pleased to discuss ways in which your company can make a difference.

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