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Wake up and Walk

Take on our one month Wake up and Walk challenge – It starts from your own door step and you already know the route? It takes just 20 minutes each morning and each 20 minutes raises £1 for Action on Poverty’s work.



Why stop at one challenge when you can add two more? Triple the benefit by taking part in our BIG Choc Challenge and Banish the Booze

How does it work:

  1. Wake Up
  2. Step out of your front door and walk for 20 minutes
  3. On return place £1 in a special tea cup as a donation to Action on Poverty
  4. Repeat process for one calendar month


  • 20 minutes extra exercise each day
  • You choose which month to go for
  • You feel more awake and vitalised for your day ahead
  • By the time you have hit the snooze button three times you are done!
  • You are not asking other for sponsorship, just challenging yourself
  • You are raising money to help beat poverty

So set you alarm clock 30 minutes early for just a month and hit the road with a purpose. At the end of it we guarantee you will feel good.

Register your walk by emailing us

£5 a month enables us to give someone a livelihood for life!

Transform a life today!