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The BIG Choc Challenge

Eat it or beat it? Pick a month or any period of 30 days and say goodbye to the coco bean. We all love chocolate but what if our simple Choc Challenge made a real difference to someone else’s life and perhaps even a small impact on our own waist line? Would that be worth it?



Why stop at one challenge when you can do three at once by taking our Triple Challenge. Just add our Wake up and Walk Challenge and Banish the Booze Challenge to your goal list.

How does it work?

  1. Pick a date to say farewell to the coco bean for 30 days, it could be today even?
  2. Buy a large slab bar of your favourite chocolate and put it in the fridge
  3. Place a Tupperware box on top of the chocolate with the words ‘For Africa’ written on it
  4. Instead of getting chocolate out of the fridge each day place a £1 coin in the box for 30 days


  • You can start today
  • One month without chocolate will may be hard but will not add to your waistline
  • At the end of the month you can sit and eat your favourite large bar of chocolate or of course see how much longer you can resist it
  • You are not asking other for sponsorship, just challenging yourself
  • You and your fridge are raising funds to help those for whom chocolate is beyond even a luxury

So buy your chocolate, label your Tupperware and start to resist temptation for a month. Good Luck

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£5 a month enables us to give someone a livelihood for life!

Transform a life today!