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Camel Milk – In memory of John

Camel Milk – In memory of John
16/01/2018 Claire James

Last week we had the sad news that a long-time friend of APT, had sadly passed away at the age of 96. Over the years, John had been a generous supporter and had even crafted verses about our work.

Just a few weeks ago he sent us this wonderful poem on Camel Milk – in light of the wonderful news that phase 2 of the project had gained funding. We hope you enjoy his poem… he’ll be much missed by all of us here at APT and we’d like to take this opportunity to extend our condolences to his family and friends at this sad time.


Deep in the heart of African lands

Lie the roots of the human family tree;

Fruit has been picked by overseas hands

Leaving land and the people in poverty.


Survival in Africa means more schools

Where children may learn to be more than brave,

In a land in need of the saving tools

To dig out a future from yesterday’s grave.


APT Action on Poverty

Helps those who toil, endeavour and strive,

With no clean water or energy,

Who must milk their camels to stay alive.


Imagine those teeth and venomous breath,

The wild and aggressive temperament;

To kneel in the sand risking life and death

For such a bitter-sweet sacrament.


Please weep and then some money send,

The most you may think you can afford,

To APT, the camel’s friend

When her owner’s dignity is restored.


John Gobey



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