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#MakeASmile Gift catalogue

#MakeASmile Gift catalogue
18/12/2017 Claire James

Training the wise men and women -£10

Why not buy someone the gift of teaching others – just £10 is enough to teach three camel herders to understand more about their camels; allowing them to take better care of their 4 legged friends, teach them about looking after water pumps and assisting them with access to veterinary care. Enabling them to make sure that their camels are fit and well and able to make help them make the most profit possible.

Turning udder mess, to thriving success – £15

£15 can provide us with funds to help us ensure that the camel milk that our camel herders are working so hard to produce comes from the cleanest udders possible and that herders know about the signs and symptoms of infections and diseases.

Help us create a Sawing success – £26

A gift of £26 will enable us to provide a young person in Sierra Leone with the opportunity to gain new skills and a chance to have a livelihood of their own, the person you help may be a motorbike mechanic, a welder, a dressmaker or even a carpenter!

Each gift buyer can get a gift certificate/ card for their loved one, providing they get in touch with us after purchase; done through our donation page.


For more information or to get your gift card, please contact Claire in the APT Action on Poverty Office


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£5 a month enables us to give someone a livelihood for life!

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