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15/12/2017 Claire James

Day 4 – Four Field workers on their motorbikes –

A cool, but vital mode of transport in Sierra Leone and many of the places where we work. For those of you who didn’t see Claire’s blog earlier in the year and haven’t seen any of her photos, trust us, when we say they are essential and highly used.

The road network in Sierra Leone is very bad… trust us when we say that you’ll never complain about a pot hole here in the UK ever again once you’ve been there! It took Claire and the team nearly an hour to travel just 3 miles to visit one of our beneficiaries! A journey that in the UK would take just minutes!

For our Project workers, they are an essential part of their jobs and the primary way they reach the rural communities that we work in, more especially as they can dodge, or try to any way all those pot holes and ditches that make traveling in the likes of Sierra Leone the challenge, we mean fun, that it is!


Day 6 – 6 (teen) skills to train in! –

Our Livelihoods for young people project in Sierra Leone is providing over 1,200 young people with the opportunity to gain skills and from there, build a livelihood for themselves. The project is allowing them to train in 1 of 16 areas, including hair dressing, embroidery, motor mechanics, metal work, auto electrician and carpentry.

Once their training is complete (teaching lasts between 12-24 months) some go on to start their own business, whilst others stay with their employers, whilst they save up to start their own enterprises. So far over 1,00 young people have been finished the course, many of whom have now started their own businesses.


Day 8 – Eight camels needing milking… –

Through our Camel Milk (also referred to as Camili) project, we have trained over 8,500 owners, herders and traders to maximize the profit they make out of their camels. Our Camili project is changing the camel milk sector in Kenya and helping even more people learn about how to look after their camels, get more out of them and have a cleaner and much more valuable product available.

For of those of you who didn’t receive our Annual Review… Here’s just one story about the difference camel milk is having on Alisha’s life!

Meet Alisha – 

Alisha is a camel milk seller in Garissa. She is a mother and needs her business to support her family; to provide for them. Profits from her business allow her to send her children to school, provide the family with health care and keep a roof above their heads.

When she started her business, she was working in open, hot, dusty conditions and didn’t see any issue with it. Meaning she was losing up to 75% of her produce, due to contamination and heat.


Thanks to our help, Alisha has learnt that she shouldn’t be working in an open, hot, dusty atmosphere, where her produce is more likely to be contaminated and spoilt. She’s learnt about the best ways to look after and keep her milk in the best condition possible; by keeping it in sealed containers and in a fridge. Simple and obvious things to us, but it’s things like this that are changing lives, saving lives – as illnesses levels reduce and create jobs, as fridge repair businesses are established.

From lessons in milk storage and transportation, to making sure it’s fit to drink, these skills – save lives, save waste and they empower people, like Alisha, to do more with the little that they have.  Allowing them to provide for their families and ensure that this extremely valuable and nutritious product, camel milk, is able to deliver the nutrition that is much needed and sort after in this arid region.

From 75% wastage to success

Alisha is now making an average of a £7 profit every day and providing her children with a safe, highly nutritious product (camel milk) that is ensuring they’re able to cope through times of droughts and famine.


Help us change more lives like Alisha’s by donating what you can.


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  1. Malcolm Harper 3 years ago

    Thank you Claire, this is so lively, hopeful, persuasive, fun; everything that such messages should be and so rarely are !

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