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Changing lives with Camel Milk

Changing lives with Camel Milk
06/09/2017 Claire James

We’re thrilled to announce the very exciting news that we have been successful in securing funding for phase 2 of our Camel Milk (Camili) project in Garissa in Kenya, thanks to Comic Relief. In addition to securing this money from Comic Relief we have also received funding from the Dulverton Trust, to assist with costs towards this project.

Earlier in the year, phase one of the project received its final evaluation visit and report; where we received some fantastic comments about the project and the work we’ve been a part of.

Following this report; we’ve put this slightly smaller report together, highlighting the impact of the project that we want to share with you. So you can understand a little more about the important work that we do and see the difference that our work makes to people’s lives, both directly and indirectly involved in the camel milk sector.

For those of you who don’t know that much about our Camel Milk project, or the area we are working in. Eastern Kenya is currently experiencing a severe drought, with the UN declaring a sever famine in East Africa (the Horn of Africa). Therefore making our project even more important. The Garissa region has a very fragile landscape and ensuring a constant supply of water and nutrition for all its residents is extremely difficult. Especially given the fact that herds are constantly on the move and therefore accessing and requiring the use of different water stations and pumps. Camel milk is the single most important source of nutrition amongst the poor in Garissa County; during droughts camel milk can contribute up to 50% of total nutritional intake.

Our work within the camel milk industry is ensuring that camel herders, owners and traders have a sustainable source of income and can ensure that the end produce is produced in a more sanitised way. Sustainability and ensuring longevity to industries and income streams is at the heart of our work and we are extremely proud of the many achievements that we have made to date – with many more on the way.

To date over 9,000 children have escaped malnutrition having accessed a better produced final product of the highly nutritious camel milk. Enabling them to maintain their health during the increasingly unpredictable weather patterns; whilst also ensuring that they are able to learn effectively at school, as they aren’t attending classes hungry.

Amongst the aims of phase 2 are to increase and secure incomes and food security for an additional 10,042 camel owners, herders, traders and their families. Increase productivity and competitiveness within the camel milk industry and production market, ensuring the best product possible reaches customers and can fully satisfy their nutritional needs.

As with phase 1, phase 2 of the project will also be working to ensure that camel milk owners and herders are aware of the camel’s needs and are able to adequately look after and care for the camels. We’re delighted to be able to share this report with you and hope that you will enjoy reading a little more about such a worthwhile and important project.

In addition to the money we have received, we are still looking for matching funds to cover the full cost of the project. You can donate to our work here, via a bank transfer (please get in touch with us for the details) or send us a cheque to APT Action on Poverty to the address below.

If you have any questions, feedback or would like to know more about the project, or any of our other projects, then please do get in touch with us –


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