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5 in Five Fitness Success

5 in Five Fitness Success
22/05/2017 Laliesha

On May 21st our amazing local community came together to raise a £1000 for Action on Poverty! 

Participants spent 5 hours at the Evesham Rivers Leisure Centre taking part in 5 back to back classes. They survived Spin, Metafit, Zumba, Bodypump and Circuit to raise an amazing amount of money. 
This will transform lives of people living in poverty across Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. 
We are so extremely grateful to have such amazing #APTStars within our local community and especially at Evesham Rivers. We couldn’t have done this without them.
We want to extend our gratitude to the people that helped us make this event such a success.
To our incredible instructors -thank you for your time and keeping everyone’s spirits high during the challenge.
Vicky you kicked off the day with great fashion and lots of 80’s energy, Beth thank you for ‘taking it easy’ on us and giving our abs a blast. Sam thanks for helping us keep up as we embraced our inner Shakira. By the time we got your class Lee we were all a bit worse for wear but you really motivated us and got us through that last hour!
You were all amazing and we couldn’t have done it without you. 
We want to sincerely thank Nigel Grundy for his incredible support and guidance in helping us put this event together. You were instrumental in us being able to raise this fantastic amount of money. 
Abbey Road Nurseries and Hampton Farm Shop thank you for donating lovely raffle prizes and helping us make this event the best it could be. 
To our participants, you guys are awesome!
And to each and everyone one of you that donated, supported or promoted this event thank you for being part of something truly incredible. We really love our #APTStars 


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