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08/03/2017 Laliesha

Happy International Women’s Day

We promised to spend the last month, in the run up to IWD2017, celebrating some of the amazing women we work with. We have shared the stories of Adamma and Agnes, and we have highlighted the ways our work and projects serve to empower women.

Today as the world comes together to celebrate its women, we have one last story to share with you.

This is Weata’s Story

She grew up in a rural and remote community in Sierra Leone where her opportunities were restricted and she struggled to cope.

Weata is a young mother with another baby on the way.

She wants to be able to provide for her children.

“They shouldn’t suffer.”

The father of her children works as a bush hunter to support Weata and his children, but this brings limited and unreliable income.

Weata knew she couldn’t rely solely on his income. She wanted to be able earn money to give her children the resources and opportunities she never had.

Our projects offer young people training opportunities so they can gain skills. Weata was able to gain training in tailoring. Now she is able to make baby carriers, bed spreads and curtains to sell.

Weata was a mother with no skills and a limited education , but now she is a business women providing for her (soon to be) 2 children. She is using her new income to save for schools fees.

In Sierra Leone our projects are helping to fill the voids created by war and Ebola. These tragedies left many people without access to education and we hope that our work with break the cycle of people being born into poverty.


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