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22/02/2017 Laliesha

This is Adammas’ Story

She is mother of 7.


That is 7 mouths to feed, 7 bodies to clothe and 7 brains to educate.


She has so far been in a position to send all her children to school. But this is something that has come with a high cost.


In order to raise enough income to provide for their family, Adamma and her husband made a tough decision.


Her husband is a carpenter. He is a man with skills and the ability to earn.


But this is not always enough.


Due to the remote location of their village (In Sierra Leone), Adamma’s husband struggled to make use of his skill and earn the money they needed to survive the poverty they live in.


“He had to leave, he had to go to Bo, he can earn more there. It was best for my family but being on my own is difficult.”


Whilst Adamma stays in the village and partakes in petty trading, her husband stays in Bo town where business is stronger. Having to be separate from her husband puts a lot of strain on Adamma and she juggles her work and her children.


Through our project Adamma has been able to access a revolving loan that has allowed her to develop her own business. This makes her less dependent on waiting for the money her husband sends home.


Her eldest daughter, Zainab, is also receiving training in soap making through our youth apprenticeships.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity that Zainab has been given, she will now gain a skill that will allow her to earn money and be more independent.”


 Action on Poverty has been able to provide Adamma with the support and resources she needs to cope on her own.


“It is hard to balance my work and my children when I have no support but it is best for my family. I am stronger now I can take care of myself.”


Adamma was overwhelmed with 7 mouths to feed, bodies to clothe and brains to educate but now she is able to cope with these demands.


Action on Poverty want to be able to support women like Adamma and their families as they do what they can to not just survive, but to prosper.


If you want to get more involved with our work, or if you want to make a donation  so that we can help more people just like Adamma please get more information here 


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