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16/02/2017 Laliesha

On March 8th people across the world will come together to celebrate International Women’s Day.

In the run up to this celebration, we are going to be spending the next month highlighting some of the incredible stories of the women we work with and support.

This is Agnes’ Story

She lives in one of the communities we work with in Sierra Leone. The communities we work in are some of the poorest and most remote across the country. The depth of poverty in Sierra Leone has left many people struggling to survive. We believe that where you start in life shouldn’t dictate where you finish, and because of widespread gender inequality across the developing world women’s needs can often be overlooked.


Agnes was a mother struggling to provide for her family. She was forced to borrow what she could from friends and was frequently in debt.

“I felt shame.”


She was a mother without a way to provide for her children, she was women without a way to stand on her own two feet. Agnes was just one of the many women in her community struggling to fulfil their potential.


Now things have changed for Agnes and the women around her.


“The women are now empowered. They now own this community.”


Action on Poverty has been able to provide members of the communities we work in with access to revolving loans. This has allowed Agnes to establish a rice trading business. Her increased income means she can now pay school fees, dress well and feed her children.



“I am now putting on weight!”


When we are often so caught up in counting calories and the expectations to be slim – it’s refreshing to hear the pride Agnes had for being able to put on weight, because of her increased income.


Now Agnes is a mother that can support her children. She is woman that no longer depends on others. She is a business women.




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