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Sweat Out Poverty II Fundraising Event

Sweat Out Poverty II Fundraising Event
16/01/2017 Laliesha

Sweat Out Poverty Returns!

Here at Action on Poverty we are very happy to announce that after the success of our last event we are bringing it back and Sweat Out Poverty II will be held this March!

The event will be hosted by ourselves in partnership with our friends at Bikram Yoga London.

In 2015, the inaugural Sweat out Poverty challenge took place and a massive £6,400 was raised to help vulnerable and marginalised people across the globe.

This year we want to raise awareness and funds for our work in Sierra Leone. The country has had a troubled past. Whilst the atrocities of the brutal conflict in Sierra Leone have long since passed, its legacy has left high levels of extreme poverty, youth unemployment with little in life opportunities, and a high number of people with disabilities. In the aftermath of the Ebola outbreak the people of Sierra Leone are trying to recover and rebuild their lives. Our work aims to fill the gaps created by these tragedies.

We want to alleviate the consequences of these burdens. We strongly believe that where you start in life shouldn’t dictate where you finish.

Many people in Sierra Leone have been left without access to employment, funds, education, and resources. We are working with our partners MAPCO and CARD to help young people obtain vocational training and life-skills, this enables them to gain employment or start their own businesses. Our projects work with vulnerable communities to provide revolving loan funds or seed loans, allowing people to access vital resources they need to survive and cope with the poverty they are subjected to.

On March 25th the BYL community is joining with Action on Poverty to host our 2nd Sweat out Poverty Event. Participants will be challenged to complete a sizzling 5 hot yoga classes back to back. Now that is what you call a yoga marathon! We estimate that over 250,000 calories were melted away, as £6,400 was raised in our last Challenge. This year we aim to beat this!

We are setting our target at £10,000! For every £30 raised it could provide a mother with the resources to feed her children. Many children in Sierra Leone go hungry and often may only receive one meal a day. £30 is what it costs to supply a women with a rice loan so that she can feed and provide for her children. Your time spent sweating it out could feed 5 or 6 children. It would allow women to produce more rice that can be used to both feed their families and any leftover can be sold to make extra money.

How can you help us reach our target?

If you want to attend and participate in the event, which will be held at the Bikram Yoga London  studios at Canary Wharf, or to get more information on the challenge, you can register your interest here.

If you can’t participate but still want to support our fundraising efforts you can donate to the cause through our BT My Donate fundraising page here!

Let’s sweat it out together and make a huge difference.


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