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Christmas Appeal 2014

Christmas Appeal 2014
22/12/2014 admin

Recently our hearts have been drawn to the plight of individuals who have contracted the Ebola virus or sacrificed their own lives caring for others.  Yet despite the growing international crisis the daily struggle to put food on the table continues with the critical need for the poor to earn enough to feed their family.

Dorothy from Uganda is trying to recover wages from a ruthless employer who kicked and injured her and then denied her wages and medical care.  For domestic workers, many of whom are only children from the poorest families, this is a familiar story.

Dorothy started working when she was 8 years old and according to the International Labour Organisation 17.2 million children are in paid or unpaid domestic work in the home of an employer and 7.4 million are aged 5 to 11 years.[1] APT is not content to end the story here and with help from a group of women lawyers and activists we are going to help Dorothy get the wages she is owed and we’ll do it by pursuing justice in the courts.  When asked what she will do with her wages Dorothy says, ‘I plan to start my own small business,’

This Christmas could you help Dorothy and other women like her gain justice and escape the tyranny of abusive employment? 

  • £20 provides safe shelter and meals for 4 domestic workers while abuse is investigated.
  • £30 provides entrepreneurial training to start up a small business.
  • £100 enables 50 domestic workers to receive free legal services.

 Have a very merry Christmas, with good wishes for 2015 from the APT Team

£5 a month enables us to give someone a livelihood for life!

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