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Could you help children in Sri Lanka out of hazardous employment?

Could you help children in Sri Lanka out of hazardous employment?
21/10/2014 admin



We’re delighted that APT Action on Poverty has been selected to join the BIG GIVE challenge this winter.

It offers APT supporters the chance to double donations in December from a combination of matched pledges and funds from a BIG GIVE Champion provided through the Trust.

Our target is to reach £1000 of pledges for the children. A minimum pledge is £100 but there will be the opportunity to donate smaller amounts later in December.  If you’d like to help Sri Lankan children out of hazardous employment contact Esther to make a pledge or you can make a pledge online –

make a pledge here.

Pledges will be fulfilled in January 2015 so it’s a great way to help families and their children during the Christmas season.

This year our BIG GIVE appeal will get children in Sri Lanka out of hazardous and exploitative child employment and back into school while helping their parents find work or develop an enterprise that enables them to feed their family and pay their children’s school fees.  The poorest families in Sri Lanka are still recovering from 30 years of Civil war, not to mention the tsunami and they need our help to get back on their feet for the long term.  Girl children are especially at risk of exploitation.

As an example of how we help families, £10 enables us to provide support for 2 months to one person to establish a sustainable enterprise (APT spends an average of £40 per person per year).


£5 a month enables us to give someone a livelihood for life!

Transform a life today!