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Imagine not knowing where your children’s next meal will come from. This is the reality for many families in Pujehun district, Sierra Leone, where over three-quarters of the population live in poverty. Poor families are desperate to break free of poverty but are unable to grow enough food because they do not have the skills and resources they need to respond to opportunities and overcome destructive weather patterns. Without work or prospects, these families become trapped in a devastating cycle of poverty, with dire consequences for future generations.

We work directly with the people of Pujehun to help them access the services they need to earn a sustainable living and help them to feed their children.

“When we first went to this area we were struck by the depth of poverty and isolation of communities. Yet they were keen to come together to make improvements – they had hope.”

Alex Daniels, Action on Poverty CEO

We need your support

With your help we can support the families of the Pujehun district in accessing the resources they need including vital skills, small business loans, farming tools and seed banks, literacy training and vocational apprenticeships. But the work doesn’t end when we leave. Our legacy is a sustainable project that enables community organisations (CBOs) to continue creating new opportunities for their people long into the future.

We rely heavily on your generous support and just £65 could enable a family to earn money to support itself and put food on the table. Together we can help families to access opportunities and training, and break out of poverty.

Woman holding a baby

Please donate to transform a life today. Together, we will help these families to put food on the table today and every day.

  • £65 could support one person’s apprenticeship with a local artisan, for example in breadmaking, soapmaking or motorbike mechanics
  • £31 could support 10 women or other vulnerable people to attend literacy training classes for one year.
  • £9 could provide small business management training to one person, to support them to develop the skills to set up or expand their small enterprise