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Malcolm Harper MA MBA PhD

Malcolm Harper MA MBA PhD


Emeritus Professor of Enterprise Development at Cranfield School of Management. Since 1995 he has worked independently, mainly in India. He has had books and numerous articles on all aspects of small enterprise development published, and his research and consultancy work has been supported by a wide range of national and international agencies.

“APT operates from very modest offices yet delivers almost a million pounds worth of cost- effective assistance every year.

The big names in international development advertise heavily, their mailings cascade unsolicited through our letter boxes and many have networks of high-street retail outlets. Their profile in ‘developing countries’ is even higher, their off-road vehicles await their staff at airports and their offices are in the best locations. They have a vast range of activities, they operate worldwide and their budgets can be counted in millions, even billions of dollars.

These big organisations do good work, but there is also a different kind of small international NGO, such as APT. APT owns no vehicles, has one full time and four part-time members of staff and operates from very modest offices. Nevertheless APT delivers almost a million pounds worth of cost- effective assistance every year to fifteen partner organisations in Africa and Asia. It aims not to build its own profile, but to develop the capacity of its local partners so that they can themselves raise money and work without foreign aid. That is why I admire and support APT.”

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